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Unique furniture

You have probably come to the website of our workshop looking for something special, planning the interior design of an apartment or office. Ordinary and mass-produced furniture certainly could not meet your needs. We believe that here you will find what you are looking for. We design unique furniture and just & #8230; unusually. In our workshop, steel furniture details will be created that will surely appeal to you. Meanwhile, wood finish & #8211; though strict & #8211; will give your rooms warmth.

Steel, Wood, Glass

steel - an iron-carbon alloy, wrought and heat-treated, with a carbon content not exceeding 2,11%.

Wood - wood raw material obtained from felled trees and formed by processing into various sorts. It takes up the space between the core and the phloem and bark layer. Technically, wood is a natural composite polymer matrix reinforced with continuous polymer fibers, which are uniaxially oriented longitudinal cells & #8211; that's what the material expert and technologist say & #8230;

Glass & #8211; known to mankind since forever. Cultures living near volcanoes had access to naturally occurring glass in all sorts and colors. Archaeologists have determined that they began to be produced first in Mesopotamia, and the oldest traces of its use come from before 3.5 thousand. years. According to the classical history of the mineralogy of the Roman historian Pliny the Elder, Phoenician merchants accidentally melted glass in the fire during the transport of stone around 5000 BC
We make a miracle out of it.

You want to enjoy a unique product that will be unique and not widely available at your nearest furniture store. Our furniture will not reach you from the production line, but will be made in a craftsmanlike way, and in their finish we will put a lot of heart & #8230; You can actively participate in the creation of your furniture, suggesting us the necessary changes in the design. We strive to make our products unique and a source of pride for their users. You decide what you need.